Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Addition

This is the newest member of the Flowers Family.

A few days ago my granddaughter Paige said she wanted a white mouse. She tried to convince me that she needed one. So she went to Pa Jerry and guess what...she sweet talked Pa into..... you know what. She wanted to get on the internet and check the white mice out. I printed out a page and she showed it to Pa. The page said 2 goes together better then just one...they would keep each other company. Paige told us this afternoon we could go get one for her if we could she had plans with her mom. So off to Cookeville we went to the Pet Store and we told the lady we wanted 2 girl mice. (Oh I hope they are girls). And we had to get all the things that went with a pair of mice. This is the first time in my lifeI paid for a pair of mice.

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